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Quality Control
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QC Profile

Quality Goal:

1. The passing rate reach 100%
2. Customer satisfaction rate over 90%


Quality Control Measures:


Chengdu Yongyi Pump Industry Co., Ltd.

According to the company's quality goals, the quality inspection target of quality assurance is: “100% of the main products pass rate”. In combination with the production department and the department's quality goals, the production department determine the implementation measures and management methods. Product monitoring and measurement in the production process, from the raw materials to the delivery of finished products. The quality is strictly controlled in the whole process, and the unqualified products are not allowed to deliver.

1. Supplier Quality Control


Chengdu Yongyi Pump Industry Co., Ltd.

The quality, price and delivery cycle of components determine the quality, cost and production cycle of the product, and the quality, cost and delivery cycle of the components depend on the supplier. Therefore, as a trading company We need to strictly examine the competence and social responsibility of suppliers before placing orders.

2. Product monitoring and measurement:

The production quality assurance department is responsible for the inspection of raw materials to semi-finished and finished products, strictly controls the quality of the products, and carries out full or sampling verification according to the “Incoming Inspection Regulations” through inspection, measurement, observation, and provision of quality certificate documents. After filling in the "Incoming Inspection Record", it can be used in the warehouse.

In the inspection process of semi-finished products and finished products, the quality inspectors strictly follow the “Quality Inspection Procedures” and the requirements of product quality standards to inspect the products. When the unqualified products exceed the company regulations, the operator shall be notified to pay more attention to the control.

3. Control of Unqualified:

The production quality assurance department is responsible for the control of non-conforming products, the inspection of raw materials. The non-conforming products should be returned and recorded. During the inspection of semi-finished products and finished products, unqualified products are found, and the production and quality assurance department promptly find the reasons, analyze and propose corresponding corrective and preventive measures to prevent that similar problems occur.

Through the monitoring and measurement control of the production process, the company's product quality has remained stable, and maintained a high pass rate, the product unqualified treatment rate reached 100%, and the factory product pass rate was 100%. At present, our company's products have a place in the market, we will continue to work hard, and resolutely do not produce a unqualified product.

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