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Company news about COVID-19 Prevention and Control Tips

COVID-19 Prevention and Control Tips


Latest company news about COVID-19 Prevention and Control Tips

COVID-19 Prevention and Control Tips


As the Chinese New Year is coming, there are signs of a relapse in the country.
Here we appeal to you:
Use an alcohol-based disinfectant to clean hands.Up to 75% alcohol inactivates the virus, and alcohol-based disinfectants at certain concentrations can be used as an alternative to soap and running water.
Option 1: Disposable medical mask, wear continuously for 4 hours and replace immediately after contamination or moisture;
Option 2: N95 medical protective mask, wear continuously for 4 hours to replace, immediately after contamination or moisture.
Cotton and sponge masks are not recommended.
Distinguish the front, back, top and bottom of the mask.The dark color of the medical mask is the front side, the front side should face outwards;The lighter side is on the back, facing the face;The medical mask has a metal nose clip on it. The part with the metal clip should be above the mask.
Before putting on the mask, you should wash your hands, place the mask across your face and nose, and hang the ropes on your ears.
Press the metal strips on both sides of the bridge of your nose with both hands so that the top end of the mask is close to the bridge of your nose. Then stretch the mask downward so that there are no wrinkles, preferably covering your nose and mouth.
When pregnant women wear protective masks, they should pay attention to their own conditions and choose products with better comfort.
The elderly and patients with chronic heart and lung diseases will cause discomfort after wearing it, or even aggravate the original condition, so they should seek professional guidance from a doctor.
Children in the growth stage, their face shape is small, choose a child protective mask.
Wash your hands carefully after taking off the mask.
Put the discarded mask into the garbage bin and disinfect the garbage bin with 75% alcohol or chlorine disinfectant.
Buy chilled poultry meat from official sources and do not eat wild animals and animals that have been sick and their products.
Eat poultry meat, eggs and milk should be fully cooked.Even in affected areas, meat is safe to eat if it is thoroughly cooked and properly handled during food preparation.
Separate cutting boards and knives for raw and cooked food.Wash your hands between handling raw and cooked food.
Drink plenty of water in moderation.
Ensure adequate nutrition.
Wearing a mask reduces the risk of exposure to pathogens.
When coughing and sneezing, cover your nose completely with tissue paper or sleeve or elbow bend;Put the used paper towels into the closed garbage bin immediately;After coughing and sneezing, wash your hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
Do not spit everywhere. Wrap nasal and mouth discharge with tissue paper and dispose of it in a covered garbage bin.
Avoid unprotected contact with farm livestock or wild animals.
Try to avoid parties.
Wash your hands immediately after going out and coming home.
Try to avoid markets where live animals are sold.
Wear a mask to reduce the risk of exposure to pathogens;Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.
Wash hands with soap and running water after handling animals and animal products.
Avoid contact with sick animals and diseased meat.
Avoid contact with stray animals and waste water in the market.
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